It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...
Speed up
Get paid faster
Find new buyers

What typical difficulties / problems do you face?

  • ~15 hour administration cost / new partner
  • High transaction costs
  • Huge amount of working capital tied up in the supply chain
  • Liquidity problems
  • Late payment / non-payment problems
  • Payment disputes

Your existing contracting flow

  • Finding and verifying your new partner
  • Creating a contract from scratch
  • Printing + signing
  • Waiting for payment and completion certificate

This is how it should look like

  • Automated partner verification and partner suggestion
  • Simple digital contracting with smart features
  • Signing on your phone with 2 taps – it’s legally binding
  • Automated payment collection and financial services. Even 100% financial security.

Validated data

Real-time and validated company data. No more wrong data in contracts, statements, invoices. Also, using our smart payment services will help you get paid faster and with less administration.

Online payment / card acceptance

Want to add an easy payment option to your contracts? No problem, you can add debit / credit card payments as payment method simply on TrustChain platform, all you need is a Barion account. So your Buyers can fulfill their contractual payment obligations easily.

Secure payment

Want to be sure that your partner has sufficient funds to pay your services? If you choose our Secure payment option, we will manage and monitor the payment process. We will check and block the agreed amount of payment on the Buyer’s Barion account, and will release it to the Seller’s account when the agreed terms are fulfilled.

Supply chain factoring program

You don’t want to wait 90 days for the payment? Sellers can get an exclusive factoring service rendered by TrustChain’s factoring partners, along with the digital transformation program, where you can get our basic white-label package packed together with this great financial solution for free.

Feel safe in doing business abroad or in your country in the most simple, digital way. We provide the trusted infrastructure for you and your partners. We can be your own digital bridge for trading on the international market.

Use our partner search feature to find new Buyers – Suppliers from the countries where TrustChain is already available. 

  • You can search for companies by industry and country of origin.
  • Every company who is available in TrustChain’s partner is verified and checked every time when they sign a contract, invoice or any document.
  • Partner verification with guarantee. No more stress about not knowing who you are dealing with. We assure you can work with real companies.

We build trust between companies with legally binding digital contracts, right to sign verification, settlement automation.

How can we help your business?

Partner verification with guarantee

No more stress about not knowing who you are dealing with. We assure you can work with real companies.

End-to-end digitalization

Digitize your contracting and follow-up administration processes (fulfillment statements, invoices, documentation creation).

Smart finance solutions integrated in the workflow

So you don't even have to click away for help.

Dedicated TrustChain key account

Who helps you during the process and finds the best solutions for you.

Sign everything on your phone

From your chair or on the way.

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