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Integrated corporate Platform tailored to your company

Sign documents with employees, customers, suppliers through the online contracting Platform with your company's brand and company logo, which you can access online at any time later.


Integrated corporate Platform tailored to your company

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Benefits of the customized contracting Platform

You can significantly reduce the time spent on administration by your company and your customers, as well as the associated paper and delivery costs. Strengthen the brand experience with your domestic and international partners in the management of legal documents as well!

Unique contracting process The signing and access of contracts and other legal documents within the company and with customers and partners can be managed online on the Platform of the customer, which can be accessed from its domain or subdomain and is provided with corporate identity elements.
Connection to existing systems Easy integration option for any target system (eg DMS, ERP, etc.) if the documents are signed with an electronic signature based on a qualified certificate.
Custom clearance options Among other things, an unlimited number of personalized AES-type signatures and a 365-day expiration package are answered in addition to the standard signature packages.

Why choose the corporate Platform?

Do you have several domestic and international business partners with a lot of paperwork? Don't bother with the administration, choose the more favorable and convenient solution tailored to your individual needs!

Identification and e-signature for you and your partners in one place, remotely, without a face-to-face meeting.
Legally secure, multi-step authentication.
Reduces paper costs and lead times.
System available in 58 countries, international partners, new markets.
We provide a client portal accessible from a browser through API, so there is no need to give partners access to the existing DMS base system.

Priority customer service

It is available on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm in English and Hungarian, with a short response time.


User onboarding

We facilitate the implementation of the system. Online training, knowledge base, short videos, and written guides help users, and we are constantly informed about developments and innovations.

Consultation opportunities

We help your customers and partners to register so that they can get to know the operation of online contracting and e-signing as quickly as possible.

Try online contracting!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and answers about Platform services
What can the Platform be used for?
You can identify yourself and your business partners in an online, partially automated environment, enter into contracts, sign any document with an e-signature.
What are the benefits of the Platform?
Cheaper than traditional paper-based document management. You can even get your e-signature certificate from home for free and sign anything legally without having to go in person to sign. E-signed documents can be stored in digital form, with no need for printing, scanning, mailing, or filing.
Who uses TrustChain’s services?
Anyone who values speed, authenticity, and security in their digital business processes; small and medium-sized enterprises, individuals, sole proprietors, companies, large corporations, associations, foundations, other business actors.
Do you need any special tools or programs?
All you need is a computer, a smartphone, and an internet connection. The system is accessible from a web browser, which makes the created electronic documents accessible through an easy-to-use online interface, and the electronic documents are signed via a smartphone application.
How much does it cost to use the system?
Registration and obtaining an e-signature is free. E-signatures have a price per type and package, for more information, please visit https://www.trustchain.com/pricing.