Own your personalized contracting platform

With our White Label product, you can customize the services of the TrustChain Platform with your own company elements, to make it truly unique.


Own your personalized contracting platform


With our White Label product, you can customize the services of the TrustChain Platform with your own company elements, to make it truly unique.

Advantages of your own contracting platform:

Take your contracting processes to a new level with your partners, providing them with a digital customer experience while notably simplifying your own processes.

No more printing and handwritten signatures: your customers and suppliers log in directly to your system, sign, download, and track contracts, delivery notes, and certificates of completion.
Documentation processes with employees can be fully digitized: forget about paper-based attendance sheets, employment contracts, and payroll papers.
From now on, the processes won’t stop waiting for someone’s handwritten signature. The executives won’t have to sign many hundreds of pages of documents one by one.

5 reasons in favor of your own platform

Existing, outdated paper-based contracting and administration processes can be easily replaced using a personalized platform to meet different corporate needs. During the process, we ensure that the procedure always complies with the applicable legal regulations.

If hundreds of new contracts are submitted to the company every month
If you have more than 10 new customers or suppliers every month
If more than one of your colleagues is busy identifying clients and their legal representatives, scanning ID cards
If you have more than 5 existing business partners with whom collaboration results in a lot of paperwork
Even when entering new markets or contracting with new partners, it is important to manage contracts and financial accounts accurately.

Available functions:

A personalized TrustChain Platform with your own branded colors and logos where your subcontractors and customers can sign up. After logging in, contracts, invoices, and other common documents can be managed together. The custom platform can be accessed from its own domain or subdomain address.

Closed operation
Only companies and users you invite can access this closed system.
You can take over the contract costs of your customers, suppliers, and employees, but you can even bill them for these fees per transaction. The system can be connected to the billing program you use, in which case the signing costs will be paid directly to you by your users. Currently, szamlazz.hu is available on the Platform, but the selection will be expanded soon. A supplier factoring product can also be used to improve your company’s liquidity.
Short response time
Outstanding customer support, available in English and Hungarian.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and answers about TrustChain Platform services
What can the TrustChain Platform be used for?
You can identify yourself and your business partners in an online, partially automated environment, enter into contracts, sign any document with an e-signature, and manage your financial processes as well.
Who uses TrustChain’s services?
Anyone who values speed, authenticity, and security in their digital business processes; small and medium-sized enterprises, individuals, sole proprietors, companies, large corporations, associations, foundations, other business actors.
Do you need any special tools or programs?
All you need is a computer, a smartphone, and internet connection. The system is accessible from web browser, which makes the created electronic documents accessible through an easy-to-use online interface, and the electronic documents are signed via a smartphone application.
How can I sign documents with my partners on the Platform?
Invite your business partners to the Platform, where, after obtaining their e-signature, you can sign online documents in a legally authentic form, which is accessible to all parties involved in your user account.
How much does it cost to use the system?
Registration and obtaining an e-signature is free. The net price of electronic signatures is 0,7 EUR / pc, regarding the pricing of our additional services, please visit https://www.trustchain.com/pricing.
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