It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...

Simply register on TrustChain web


Then click the button ‘Get it now’

in the yellow box


When the User account opens, click the button ‘Certify myself’


Click the ‘Start identification’ button in the pop-up window

By going through the Identification process first, you can access the most simple function of the Platform. ‘Sign & Send’ which enables you to sign documents remotely, whilst ensuring legal security. You can then launch the certification process later, when you wish to use additional functions.




Download the Evrotrust application to your mobile phone from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)

iOS                         Android


Register using the application, then follow the instructions to start the identification process

When starting the video call, please select the English language. The certificate for the qualified electronic signature is released within a few minutesof successful identification. The relevant notification is received via the application. Identification is available on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM.


Go back to the Trustchain Platform screen you have opened and set the e-mail address provided in the Evrotrust application

User account -> ‘Certify myself’ button -> ‘Start identification’ button


After saving, sign the account linking statement sent to the Evrotrust application


Now ‘Sign & Send’ is ready to use

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