From January 3, 2021, new signature types are available on the Platform and our prices have changed!

Sign with your mobile phone

From anywhere, easily, just as if you were signing by hand.


Get your own Qualified e-signature!

By means of Evrotrust mobile application you can sign the documents uploaded to the Platform or created there with your mobile phone wherever you are. To obtain your e-signature you don’t need to go anywhere, the video self-identification takes only a few minutes.


Digital documents with full probative value


The eIDAS Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS Regulation No. 910/2014) applies to all member states of the European Union, including Hungary, meaning that a Qualified e-signature has the same legal effect as a handwritten signature throughout the EU.

E-signing on behalf of a company

Whether you sign on behalf of a company, as a private individual or an entrepreneur, your e-signature does not need to be different in the three cases, just like your hand-written signature is not different either. We help you to conclude agreements and make statements on behalf of your company without any limitation of location and time. Qualified e-signature is accepted as legally binding by court as well and your e-signature registered into the company register qualifies as authorised signature.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and answers about Platform services
What can the Platform be used for?
You can identify yourself and your business partners in an online, partially automated environment, enter into contracts, sign any document with an e-signature.
What are the benefits of the Platform?
Cheaper than traditional paper-based document management. You can even get your e-signature certificate from home for free and sign anything legally without having to go in person to sign. E-signed documents can be stored in digital form, no need for printing, scanning, mailing or filing.
Who uses TrustChain’s services?
Anyone who values speed, authenticity, and security in their digital business processes; small and medium-sized enterprises, individuals, sole proprietors, companies, large corporations, associations, foundations, other business actors.
Do you need any special tools or programs?
All you need is a computer, a smartphone, and internet connection. The system is accessible from web browser, which makes the created electronic documents accessible through an easy-to-use online interface, and the electronic documents are signed via a smartphone application.
How much does it cost to use the system?
Registration and obtaining an e-signature is free, there is no monthly fee. The net price of electronic signatures is 0,7 EUR / pc, regarding the pricing of our additional services, please visit
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