All Saints Saxton Fellowship

Patrick V Saxton
Patrick V Saxton
The All Saints Saxton Fellowship - formerly the Patrick V Saxton Fellowship - was established in 1998, the brainchild of Mr Patrick Saxton, the then Chairman of the Trust (who died in 1999). The Fellowship pays tribute to the vision and foresight of Mr Saxton by seeking to be pro-active in educational research, especially within the broad fields of Home Economics and Religious Education. It is the All Saints Educational Trust's premier means of looking forward at education generally and, more specifically, at curriculum development and both the training and ongoing support of teachers.

The Fellowship is research-based and must be undertaken at an appropriate educational establishment. The Research Fellow is required to produce an authoritative report at the end of the period of study, as well as publishing papers and disseminating findings.

The first recipient of the Fellowship in the year 2000 was Mrs. Suzanne Horne, a graduate in Home Economics, and a lecturer in the Department of Marketing at the University of Stirling. Mrs. Horne, working with Karen Kerr, carried out research into How the core skills in Home Economics can be promoted amongst young people in today's society.

A Symposium was held in December 2004, at which ASET Trustees met with leading figures from the world of food, to explore how ASET could best support education in the areas of health and diet in the future. A report of the symposium is available.

The second Fellowship began in 2003. It relates to Religious Education and was awarded to Ms Mary Hayward to carry out research into The place and future of Christianity in Religious Education with particular reference to Key Stage 3 in maintained community schools and schools with a religious character in England. She worked on this at the Religions and Education Research Unit at the Institute of Education, University of Warwick, and her report was published in July 2007. Copies can be requested from the Trust.

The third Fellowship, 2007-2010, was awarded to Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds, whose researchers, led by Dr Lisa Gatenby, carried out a project entitled Cooking Communities: using after-school clubs to promote inter-generational and cross-community relationships through cooking and eating together.

The fourth Fellowship was jointly funded by the Trust and Regent's Park College, Oxford, and had a Religious Education - related theme.

The fifth fellowship, 2017-2020, was awarded to Camilla McHugh, Associate Research Fellow, Exeter University to fund the Health by Stealth project which is to develop education sessions and materials to support secondary schools to deliver healthy eating and activity messages for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils and their families.

Representatives of ASET at the Vice-Chancellor's 2019 Garden Party.

Representatives of ASET at the Vice-Chancellor's 2018 Garden Party.