It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...

Why is it good for you? 

Every company has different needs. We would be happy to help you with a customized platform solution, with which you can replace your existing paper-based contracting, customer onboarding procedures with a digital and smarter solution so that you can save time, money and can be sure that your procedures are compliant all the time.

  •   If you have hundreds of new contracts every month,
  •   If you have 10 – 100 new company clients every month and you need to identify them every time,
  •   If you have 4-8 colleagues whose only job is to verify customers and legal representatives, ID card scanning and approvals.
  •   If you have 5 – 20 existing business partners, but you have a lot of paperwork to do with them,
  •   If you are planning to enter a new country’s market, and want to have a fast system for contracts and settlements,

Well, then TrustChain White-label is for you!

What will you get?

  • The TrustChain Platform customized with your logo and brand colours, where your subcontractors, company clients can register and login to the platform, see their contracts, invoices, documents relating to you, also all the news regarding your products, services, company updates
  • Our existing registration – identification procedure, customized to your needs
  • A customized intelligent contract from your existing templates
  • Unique settlement and financial solutions, like supply chain factoring program

Our workflow with you

1. Validation

We spend some time with your team to get to know your existing workflows, and will ask for your existing contract templates for review. Based on your existing contract templates we will create a “demo contract” so you can click it, try it, and see how your existing contract in a new, smarter form will look like.

2. Proof of Concept

If you like the demo, we will provide you with a proposal about the costs and timeline for developing this demo smart contract into a real one, so you will not only be able to try it but also use it in real business environment with your partners.

3. Setup

If you want, you can use your own smart contract from the default TrustChain platform without any special setups, or we can setup a branded platform as a white-label solution for you. It means that you will have TrustChain platform customized with your logos, colours, company news feeds, etc. Collect your subcontractors / new clients, inform them and manage all the workflows with them in one place.

Other services


Creating and Signing Documents

Simple Contract

Monitoring the process of contracting and performance.

Qualified Electronic Signature

Documents can be digitally authenticated in many ways today. The Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) is the only type of signature, the legal effect of which is equivalent to hand-written signatures.

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