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Remote identification, electronic signatures

We have integrated into TrustChain platform a mobile application, developed by EvroTrust Technologies, so our users can identify themselves and sign documents created in TrustChain platform on their phones, by means of qualified electronic signature. The qualified electronic signature has the same legal value as the handwritten signature. That is based on point 2 of Article 25 of 910/2014 EU Regulation and the rule is applicable to the whole of Europe. In order to be able to issue electronic signature certificates, Evrotrust has gained a special status of a qualified provider of verification services. They are certified by an independent French body (LSTI) and included in the European Commission registry. EvroTrust remote identification solution is compliant with the recently adopted Regulation on the Implementation of the Measures Against Money-Laundering Act,  which explicitly provides for the possibility of remote e-identification of natural persons and legal entities through a qualified trust service within the meaning of Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014.


Smart payments, secure payment

Our vision is from the beginning, that we would like to connect payments and contracts. Barion is our partner in digital and online payments. The cutting edge technology they use, the innovative business models and features they provide, like smart gateway, allowed us to create the secure payment solution we have, and also integrate online payments into the contracts. Barion is developed and operated by Barion Payment Inc., which operates with the license of the Central Bank of Hungary based on the Hungarian Act No. 235 of 2013 and the E-money EU Directive (EMD) of 2011.


Data retrieved from the company register in real-time

We build trust between companies with information, valid contracts and risk mitigation. The basis of our system is real-time company data, and to be able to expand our services to Europe we needed a partner who covers most of the European countries, and can provide us with this service in the best quality. Transparent Data founded in 2013 is an agile b2b data & software tech firm delivering up-to-date, reliable and complete company data.

Other services

Financial services

One-stop shop of financial solutions for your company, supply chain factoring and secure payment


Business and technology integration consulting, legal services, consulting

White label

Have your own customized design and digitalize your existing contracts, partners

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