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By means of our Sign&Send service users can sign any documents – created on the TrustChain Platform or edited elsewhere and then uploaded to the Platform – with their qualified electronic signature.

While earlier our Sign&Send service was available only to corporate entities, thanks to our latest developments this feature of our Platform has become available to the citizens of 28 countries by now, whether they have registered for the Platform as private individuals, self-employed persons or on behalf of a corporate entity.

New Sign&Send functions

Users can create private Sign&Send documents, which cannot be accessed by other users registered under the same TC account. Thanks to newly presented developments, documents not marked as private by the user will also be available to be viewed, edited and sent for signature by the other users registered under the same TC account.

Users able to send the documents created in Sign&Send for signature to the other users registered under the TC account. In the case of multiple addressees, the user will be able to specify the order of signatures. In such cases, the addressees within the TC account will sign the document in the order specified in advance. Once the document is signed by the user in first position, it will be automatically sent to the next user for signing and so on down the list.

Another new feature is that you can send documents created with Sign&Send not just to yourself, or to the other members of the same TC account, but to other registered TC accounts – your partners – for signing too. By means of the solution, it’s possible for the user to pre-define the chains of signatures and keep track of their status via the Platform.

In the case of multiple addressees, once the document is signed by all the users specified by the business partner in the first position, it will be automatically sent to the next partner so that they can select the users under their TC account to sign the document.

Other services

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Monitoring the process of contracting and performance.

Qualified Electronic Signature

Documents can be digitally authenticated in many ways today. The Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) is the only type of signature, the legal effect of which is equivalent to hand-written signatures.

White label

Have your own customized design and digitalize your existing contracts, partners

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