It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...

Online payment / card acceptance

Want to add an easy payment option to your contracts? No problem, you can add debit/credit card payments as a payment method simply on TrustChain platform, all you need is a Barion account. So your Buyers can fulfill their contractual payment obligations easily.

Secure payment program

Want to be sure that your partner has sufficient funds to pay your services? Afraid that your supplier will disappear with the advance payment before delivering the goods / fulfilling the contract?  Choose our Secure payment option and you won’t have to worry about anything, we will manage and monitor the payment process. After signing the contract via TrustChain platform, we will check and block the agreed amount of payment on the Buyer’s Barion account, and will release it to the Seller’s account when terms of fulfillment in the contract are agreed by both parties, and a Certification of Completion is signed in TrustChain.

Supply chain finance

With our partner, MagNet Faktor Zrt., we provide a supply chain factoring program together with digital transformation. Supply chain finance is a cash-flow solution that helps to free up working capital tied up in the supply chain. This product is a win-win situation as on the one hand it allows the buyer to extend the payment term and on the other hand it also enables the supplier to receive the money much earlier. By using this product, both companies can increase their efficiency and also minimize their risks across the global supply chain.

As a package offer, you can get our white-label basic product with the supply chain factoring program, without extra fees. Try it without any costs.

Other services

Integrated services

Remote identification, electronic signatures, smart payments, real-time company data


Business and technology integration consulting, legal services, consulting

White label

Have your own customized design and digitalize your existing contracts, partners

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