It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...

Business and technology integration consulting

TrustChain is an integrated solution, including e-signatures, remote identification, e-money and services based on real-time company data. On the way to find and involve the best service providers, our team developed a unique knowledge and know-how about the technology and the regulatory environment. To be more specific, about how to solve problems and cover gaps, customize business needs and be compliant with these requirements. Therefore, we offer our services for companies – financial firms or telecommunication service providers – who are facing these challenges and looking for a partner who has strong, practical knowledge and experience in integrating such solutions.

Legal services

Our aim is to help with the digital transformation of the legal industry from their paper-based procedures. Therefore, we work with law firms who are innovative, who are among the first ones to go digital and are eager to go along this path with us, and want to be prepared for the future of the legal world. The law firms we recommend here are the ones who we trust, with whom we have been working together already, and they are familiar with the digital solutions TrustChain platform provides. They also use TrustChain and the services provided, so companies who use TrustChain can work with these law firms easily in case of updating and signing  company documents , company registration issues, or any legal documentation. The law firms we recommend:



Other services

Financial services

One-stop shop of financial solutions for your company, supply chain factoring and secure payment

Integrated services

Remote identification, electronic signatures, smart payments, real-time company data

White label

Have your own customized design and digitalize your existing contracts, partners

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