1. Nature of projects funded

ASET makes corporate awards for projects aimed at supporting those intending to teach at primary school level, or to specialise in school teaching at any level in Religious Education; Home Economics (including food and nutrition education); Design and Technology (including textiles). This support can include the provision of training (including continuous professional development), classroom, and online resources.

Projects most favoured are those that have the potential to result in lasting benefit, either through the intrinsic quality of the new ideas being put forward, or through the quantity of training or resources, and the numbers of teachers and/or pupils who will share in the benefit.

Corporate applications will be scrutinised carefully to ensure that they are sustainable, give value for money and deliver our mission.

2. Nature of expenses

Grants are normally made to fund time-limited projects and not to augment the general funds of recipient institutions.

It is not usual for the Trust to directly fund salaries.

3. Grant duration

Grants are available for up to three years. The continuation of grants made for more than a year is conditional on such evidence of progress as the Committee may reasonably require.

4. Informal discussion with the Clerk

Before completing this application, you may wish to contact the Clerk to discuss your proposed application. The Clerk will be able to give guidance on prima facie eligibility and compliance with the Trust's Terms of Reference.

You can contact the Clerk by email at or at the ASET office:

Telephone 44 (0) 20 7248 8380
Knightrider House, 2 Knightrider Court, LONDON EC4V 5AR

4. Application and Deadline

Applications will be considered on completion and submission of the Trust's corporate application form by the deadline of 13 March 2023.

The Foundation does not respond to public appeals. Applications will only be considered if the Trust's corporate application form is fully completed and submitted by the deadline published below, to enable adequate consideration of all eligible applications by members of the Committee before its meeting.

Previous Corporate Awards include:
  • National Association of Teachers in Home Economics
    £30,000 for the production of innovative learning resources
  • REonline website
    £67,000 over five years to meet the ongoing development costs
  • British Nutrition Foundation
    £40,000 to develop an online health assessment tool
  • Design and Technology Association
    £20,000 for a CPD Training Programme for Home Ec(Textiles) and D&T(Textiles) teachers
  • Bible Reading Fellowship
    £60,000 over three years for the 'Barnabas Children's Ministry'. Resources for professionals in the BRF conveying the essentials of Christianity to children aged 5-11

The Foundation's Annual Report gives further details of recent corporate awards.