ASET Awards

ASET makes personal awards for home and overseas applicants to support those intending to teach at primary school level or, to specialise in school teaching, at any level in Religious Education; Home Economics (including food and nutrition education); Design and Technology (including textiles).

Please Note:-

The Trust reserves the right to limit or refuse to make an award to any applicant, however eligible, well-qualified and meritorious, in the following circumstances:

  1. if, in the informed opinion of the Awards Committee, the principal object of an applicant in seeking assistance from the Trust is to avoid taking out a student loan/s or bursary; and
  2. if, in the informed opinion of the Board, there is insufficient income accruing to the Trust at any given date to allow a relevant and adequate award to be made without prejudicing the good governance and proper management of the Trust, as required under the Scheme approved by the Charity Commission.
  1. a 'foundation' or first degree programme which, though in educational studies and moving applicants towards teaching in schools, does not automatically include QTS as an integral component;
  2. a higher degree or further qualification with the intention to join the educational 'civil service', eg the inspectorate or the policy development team within a local authority education department taking the teacher away from classroom teaching;
  3. a doctoral level degree to carry out educationally related research not relevant to or only indirectly relevant to classroom teacher education/training;
  4. a degree or degree-equivalent qualification at any level with the intention, in due course, of ceasing to be a professional classroom practitioner and going 'freelance', eg becoming an 'educational consultant' or a writer of textbooks;
  5. a degree or degree-equivalent qualification related to non-school classroom-based teaching, eg TESOL; or that which may be sought for the purposes of engaging in any activity outside the school classroom;
  6. a theological training or course of study.