It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...

Our Vision

We are pioneers. We give confidence & digital power to growing SMEs. We build a reliable business community.

Our Mission

We transform non-digital, external business activities into digital, automated internal processes. We build trust between companies with information, valid contracts and risk mitigation. We reduce paperwork.

Our Story

At TrustChain we are humans as well. We hate paperwork, we prefer avoiding risk if its possible and we have our own goals just like anybody else. That’s why we’re transforming non-digital, external business activities into digital, automated internal processes. We are building trust between companies with information, valid contracts and risk mitigation. Our goal is to avoid paperwork. Our goal is to bring partners together. Our goal is to make a unified, safe digital trading platform starting from Central Europe and reaching out to the whole world. We’re a Hungary-based company with branch offices in Budapest and Debrecen. We were established in 2017. Our team is made up of 12 skilled individuals, whose goal is to make a difference in the world, create something that really helps to make life easier. That’s why we consider ourselves as links in a chain that we call trust and want to expand it to the whole world. 


dr. Gergely Romhány
Gergely graduated from Eötvös Loránd Scientific University’s Faculty of Law, then went on to study IT management at Corvinus University of Budapest, lived and worked in Poland for more than a year. Between 2010-2013 he worked in the information security sector as legal consultant and project leader in the team of Puskás Tivadar Public Foundation (CERT-Hungary). As external advisor he helped the well-known Danish bitcoin-trading company Coinify, and the prepaid card issuer Bancore and Safepay. He was co-founder of a fast-growing IT company, MerkIT Consulting ( in 2016 and since then has been strategy advisor there.
dr. András Vándor
Head of Product Development, Smartcontract and KYC head of project
András graduated from Eötvös Loránd Scientific University’s Faculty of Law. He has a very systematic way of thinking, which played an integral role in creating the TrustChain Platform. He joined TrustChain in 2017 as the head of product development and board member.
László Csuka
László has been living, studying and working in several countries across Europe like Belgium, Denmark, Croatia and Iceland. From 2014 he was the project leader of the replacement of the property management system in a large hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland. From 2016 he worked at the Hungarian Post as a project manager, leading various business, IT development and logistics projects with several million euros of total budget. Since 2017 László has been part of TrustChain’s strong team as a COO, making him the first official member of the company.
dr. György Cseh
György is a seasoned asset manager with 20+ years of experience. He previously has had senior management positions and responsibilities in the fields of finance, investment and asset management. As an Ex-CEO of CIB Investment Fund Management Ltd. (Intesa Sanpaolo Bank), György was responsible for more than USD 1,5 billion worth of assets. Prior to that, he was Deputy CEO of Budapest Fund Management Company (GE Capital). He invests heavily in moving the digital ecosystem forward. He is an operations (COO) and financial (CFO) advisor for fintech and legaltech startups. György holds a Masters degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Law and he is also a Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst.
Gábor Sulyok
Gábor graduated in Győr as the president of the student committee of Kautz Gyula College for Advanced Studies, after he had finished several semesters abroad, mostly in the Central European region. During his university years he was a consultant at Pentatrade, where he took part in business process optimization projects. Before he joined the TrustChain team, he had been a system analyst of Budapest Bank, designed the internetbank in compliance with legislative frameworks, specified, planned and introduced the system elements needed to fulfill business and security needs.
Zsolt Fekete
Product Manager
Zsolt graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest in Finance and Accounting. He started his career as a business consultant and worked for a treasury system implementation in Hungary and Indonesia as well. In order to gain his IT knowledge he learned to code and worked as a developer for Hungarian and American clients on customer-facing web applications. In the last two years, he enjoyed merging his business mindset with his technical knowledge and worked for early-stage startups.


John Howell
Advisor on Illicit Finance, Regulatory Compliance and Ethical Business
John studied Modern History at Oxford and worked in shipping, political research and with Accenture before joining the banking industry. He was the Managing Director of Nomura's Berlin-based privatization and corporate finance operations, then he ran the borrowing programs of a leading 'AAA' development agency. His firm has been involved in a number of independent reviews and reports for the Parliament of United Kingdom, as well as for the European Council and the European Commission. He has advised IFIs, the Dutch Ministry of Justice, the National Banks of Kazakhstan, Hungary and the Netherlands as well as the Regulatory Management and Reform Group of the OECD on FATF issues, regulatory quality and benchmarking. He is a trustee of the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society based at Wolfson College, Oxford. He helps TrustChain since the beginning regarding business strategy and regulatory issues, also helps in company structure and investment strategy. John’s experiences are used in product development, also in risk mitigation.
dr. Nick Dove
Business Advisor
As a bank analyst and executive director at UBS, Nick advised the bank management about strategy and equity issuance and senior fund managers about investment strategy. Dr Dove's team was ranked as the best European all-sector research team by fund managers. Since leaving UBS Nick has advised governments, development agencies and financial institutions on banking, private sector development and the impact of regulations. He has written reports on sovereign wealth funds, infrastructure investment and de-risking. He runs executive training courses on management development and digital finance. Nick is also a director of a $3bn London-based hedge fund, international resource director of The Asian Banker, and a trustee of a charity focused on job creation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Nick holds a PhD from Cambridge University. Nick helps TrustChain with financing and taxing strategy, he is also involved in product development regarding financial products for TrustChain users.
dr. Gábor Fahn
Strategy Advisor
Gábor has more than 10 years experience in compliance and trading law as well as on the regulating side. He participated in the elaboration process of Hungarian laws dealing with e-trading and created the compliance and KYC system of numerous Hungarian and international companies.

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