It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...

Regardless of sector, the current situation poses new challenges for everyone. We are working to make the administrative processes as easy as possible and to help during the coronavirus.

Therefore, we have extended the free use of e-signatures until the end of June 30.

As a result of our recent developments, a new service has been added to the Platform and Sign&Send functionality has also been upgraded.

Our latest service, called Drop&Sign is the easiest feature to use on the Platform. Uploading documents to Drop&Sign only takes a second and by clicking on the Sign document button you can immediately send it to your phone for signing.

Another new feature is that you can send documents created with Sign&Send not just to yourself, or to the other members of the same TC account, but to other registered TC accounts – your partners – for signing too.

By means of the solution, it’s possible for the user to pre-define the chains of signatures and keep track of their status via the Platform.

In the case of multiple addressees, once the document is signed by all the users specified by the business partner in the first position, it will be automatically sent to the next partner so that they can select the users under their TC account to sign the document. 

For example, if Sole Trader A would like to conclude a contract with Company B, and the document needs to be signed by two CEOs representing Company B, Sole Trader A will create the document, define the chain of signatures and then send the document to the system for signing. Upon launching the signature chain, Sole Trader A will be entitled to sign the document first and then the document will be automatically sent to the account of Company B. At this point, Company B will need to define which two of the CEOs will sign the document, and in what order. As soon as both of the selected CEOs of Company B sign the document, the party launching the signature chain will be notified about its status, and successful completion.

We hope the new Drop&Sign and the expanded Sign&Send will benefit you in your daily business processes.


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