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At the beginning of the new year we can read about (tech) forecasts all over the internet. In our blogpost we have highlighted a few points of Chris Skinner’s summary, published on

Relating to startups, the blogger mentioned e.g. the following forecasts by some prominent actors of the European startup scene:

The blogger also highlighted the predictions around PIE, which stands for Programmatic-Is-Everything, and is about monetizing everything online – photo: pixabay

He also mentioned some innovations like Google Stadia, the first streaming videogame service, and SD-WAN or, if you prefer, Software-Defined Wide Area Networks.

– Bringing these forecasts into a banking context is hard, but Finance Monthly dedicated their December issue to it, and noted 20 FinTech’s to watch in 2020, as well as saying that 2020 will be year that Open Banking has its reckoning. We shall see – Skinner added.

He closed his summary with a few lines by Jim Marous, published on The Financial Brand, who concludes:

– Because of the advent of 5G wireless systems and higher speed WiFi, the technological change is coming faster than most are prepared for. This will require an adjustment in the culture of most financial institutions as we redefine work and the interactions between humans and machines.

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