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The Euroventures is investing EUR 3 million in support of the development of Ordit, a company that specializes in corporate food orders and employee benefits. The Hungarian startup, founded by Péter Szendrényi, Balázs Békés and Bence Katona, enables companies to manage their restaurant and food ordering services on Ordit with a single-click accounting system.

Péter Szendrenyi: Ordit issues a single electronic invoice to the company including the breakdown to cost centers and manages cost allocation automatically, too.

By using the platform, the administrative burden of companies can reduce to zero, there is no need to request invoices any more, there is no need to pay for single orders, they only receive one electronic invoice a month, which can be integrated to Expense Management Software as well.

London is the most important market for Ordit’s expansion abroad. “In London, the market environment, the extent of digitization, the frequency of orders as well as the online meal ordering culture is way above the level of any other places in Europe. Online food delivery market in the UK exceeds the total of food delivery markets in all the other countries all over Europe.  This is because many more people place orders online and they order much more frequently than in any other countries” – said Péter Szendrényi earlier to the TrustChain Blog.

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