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On November 21, the final and award ceremony of Central European Startup Awards took place in Bucharest, where the first prize was awarded to Hungarian startup enterprises in three categories. In the CEE section of Global Startup Awards, the largest independent startup-ecosystem competition of the world, the best ones selected from the national winners previously announced were awarded in 16 + 1 categories from 10 countries – Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The number of nominations almost doubled as compared to last year, so in the selection process more than 5,500 enterprises received more than 80 thousand votes, which is the double of the same number of last year.

The prize of the best newcomer startup was awarded to TrustChain digital contracting platform.

– This honourable prize is a great appreciation for a company having prepared for entering the domestic and international markets for 2 years – dr. Gergely Romhány, CEO of TrustChain Systems Ltd. said. The Hungarian startup achieved significant results in the 5 months following its debut in June: by now the online platform is used by more than 40 companies and more than ten large enterprise projects are being introduced.

– This is a very important feedback of that it has been a very good decision to focus on maximalism and providing the highest quality already from the very beginning – dr. Gergely Romhány added.

And finally, the winners are:

Best Health Tech Startup: SignAll (Hungary)
Best Smart City Solution: Parkl (Hungary)
Best Newcomer: TrustChain (Hungary)
Digital Nomad / Freedompreneur of the Year: Petra Fuerst, Founder of Liebestipps (Austria)
Female Role Model of the Year: Tanja Sternbauer (Austria)
Best Social Impact Startup: I RI Rise Mechanics 357 (Bulgaria)
Best IoT Startup: Neuron Soundware (Czechia)
Founder of the Year: Ivan Jelusic (Croatia)
Best Coworking Space: Impact Hub Czech Republic (Czechia)
Best Fintech Startup: Spendee (Czechia)
Best AI/ Machine Learning Startup: Emplocity (Poland)
Best Software Development Partner: Geckodynamics (Poland)
Investor of the Year: LAUNCHhub (Bulgaria)
Best Accelerator or Incubator Program: Techcelerator (Romania)
Best Blockchain Startup: Bethereum (Slovakia)
Startup of the Year: Druid (Romania)
People’s Choice: Develiot (Bulgaria)

Some of the winners will compete with the winners of other regions of Global Startup Awards, in the global final.

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