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The company is at the forefront of the V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) technology and with the investment, they are going to hold this position – stated in the announcement of Commsignia.

V2X is the base of the so-called Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), which is taking a huge part of making the road safer and the traffic more efficient by connecting vehicles, infrastructure cameras and other resources with a complex remote sensor system.

V2X technology can be the key technology of the traffic in smart cities – photo: pexels

The solution makes cars to be able to see beyond their line of sight, so drivers and autonomous vehicles can make safety decision much faster. The product of Commsignia connects the vehicles with each other (V2V-technology) and with the smart city infrastructure (V2I technology), which helps to spread the self-driving technology, while making everyday driving safer and more efficient.

C-ITS can help reduce the number of accidents by as much as 22% and can help save on fuel consumption by 11%.

Jozsef Kovacs, CEO of Commsignia added: “Recent market developments in the automotive and smart city industry have confirmed that V2X and Cellular V2X became the key enabler of the new cooperative ecosystem that surrounds 5G and autonomous driving.”

Comssignia is already a preferred partner of several automotive suppliers and taking part in a huge V2X infrastructure deployment in Las Vegas and they are the first-ever company that is to be certified by the OmniAir organization’s commercial, connected-vehicle certification conformance program.

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