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Voice bots and automated messaging systems are already changing the world of call centres and the experts say, the human resources will be replaced by the AI soon. The fact, that the Indian start-up, Uniphore just got $51 million investment may enforce the trend as well – reported by Livemint.

The AI will make the call centers more effective and tailor-made – photo: unsplash

With this new round of investment, Uniphore is just about the become a unicorn, which is the tech industry’s term for a value of $1 billion or more.

The company was founded by Umesh Sachdev and his engineering classmate Ravi Saraogi in 2008. Now they are competing with giants like Google and Microsoft, but also with the several AI start-ups. All of them want to automate the $350 billion call centre industry, helping agents deliver more useful support while decreasing the number of ineffectual experiences.

“This is one of the largest rounds in an area of deep tech already seeing a lot of investor activity,” CEO Sachdev said formerly.

“It represents the coming of age of conversational AI.”

With this new investment, Uniphore can focus on its main target market: the U.S. The States itself has 3,9 million of call centre workers, but the numbers are steadily decreasing, as the companies adopt these new technologies. “Humans will shift from taking mundane calls to enhancing knowledge and teaching AI what is the good answer and how to resolve issues,” added Sachdev.

The startup plans to increase its engineering and development operations to 200 employees in India, while another 60 will be based in the U.S. and 40 in Europe and the Asia Pacific.

“Indian entrepreneurs are going from slow-followers to fast-innovators,”

explained John Chambers from JC2 Ventures, why they invested the company.

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