It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...

According to TrustChain CEO Gergely Romhány “It’s time to think differently about your contracting and financial workflow. Instead of paperwork, focus on your clients, we will handle the rest”. Gergely explained further that their platform is assisting companies with automated client identification, contract-making and trade financing, helping them at the same time to significantly reduce the time spent on administrative and daily legal activities. We have asked him a few questions to get a better insight on this platform.

Dr. Gergely Romhány, CEO of Trustchain Systems Ltd.

weX: What are the advantages for companies using this platform?

Gergely: No more printing, signing, scanning! TrustChain is digital and legally binding. We integrated together automated client identification, contract-making and trade financing. As these solutions are together in one place, companies can transform existing legal and financial administration procedures to a digital workflow, where the created documents are legally binding, and they can sign every document on their phone. TrustChain platform significantly reducing the time spent on administrative and daily legal activities, as it also provides financial solutions integrated in the contracting workflow, like online factoring and insurance solutions.

weX: Can it be used by people in private as well?

Gergely: TrustChain provides two products, the online platform reachable on the website and a white label solution for custom needs. The online platform can be used by companies only (yet), but the white label solution can be customized for private users as well, depending on the needs of the customer.

weX: Where is the platform used? Only within Europe or worldwide?

Gergely: TrustChain’s main added value in comparison with our competitors is the legal and financial security procedures we have created. Therefore, we can scale from country to country. TrustChain is available in Hungary and the Czech Republic since the 4th of June, and will be available in Austria, Slovakia by the end of 2019, and in Poland, Germany and Bulgaria in 2020. Countries outside from Europe will come later.


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