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One of the most successful Venture Capital funds have recreated its investment programs: new entry requirements, performance milestones and investment amounts available. 

The new program of Hiventures is available for startups from June 1. They have held the structure of how the programs are building up and follow each other, but few changes were issued. Startups are now able to get more investment like never before.

Hiventures helps the startups to reach their goals and scale up with their newly recreated investment program – photo: pixabay
Incubation (pre-seed) capital investment program

Until now, in this phase groups could receive HUF 9 million (approx. EUR 29,000) equity investment in return of 9% share in the invested company. From June 1, additional HUF 6 million (approx. EUR 19,300) shareholder loan will be available, which can be converted to shares later on. 


Until now, HUF 30 million (approx. EUR 96,600) shareholder loan was available for the startups in the later project phase. From now on, this amount has increased to HUF 50 million (approx. EUR 161,000).

Seed investment

The pre-requisite for seed investment program is fulfilling themilestones of incubation phase. Earlier, in this phase HUF 40-150 million (cc. EUR 129,000-480,000) was available for the startups, with a minority share. This amount is now increasing to HUF 65-250 million (cc. EUR 193,000-805,000).

Growth investment

This program offers financing to companies with a sales revenue of at least HUF 10 million (cc. EUR 32,000). Earlier companies in this phase could get HUF 500 million (cc. EUR 1,611,000) equity investment. According to the new concept, with co-financing this amount may reach up to HUF 1 billion (approx. EUR 3,222,000), in several rounds.

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