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As for now, up to 1,100 fintech companies are present in the CEE region, representing 5% of the European fintech investments. The rising of fintech startups in the region is also shown by that the volume of series A and series B financing have considerably increased: constituting 45% of the total capital investment two years ago, with the same reaching 75% by 2018.

Raiffeisen has listed the best fintech startups in Europe – Photo: pixabay

According to the Fintech Atlas of Raiffeisen Bank International, in terms of cumulative capital investment

the top three fintech hubs around Europe are Russia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

In these countries, the capital invested into fintech companies amounted to EUR 292 million, 132 million and 64 million between 2008 and 2018. In Hungary, this number was EUR 9 million.

Although there is a significant amount of capital available in the market to invest, it can be still a challenge for startups to acquire the resources needed for the launch. TrustChain has EUR 750,000 capital investment, helping it to the top-list of Raiffeisen’s Fintech Map.

Our aim is to establish a synergistic relationship between the corporate entities of the CEE region

and therefore we feel honored to be in the top-list of the strongest Austrian-based bank – Dr. Gergely Romhány, CEO of TrustChain Ltd. said.

TrustChain received its first investment from Startup Campus in the summer of 2017. In the second, seed phase Hiventures stepped in and now we are „already working on the third-phase investments”.

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