It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...

We have experienced it in a number of cases that late payment between companies was simply caused by incorrect data included in the agreements – Gergely Romhány, CEO of TrustChain Systems Ltd. said at the Legal Journey organized by Startup Safari and Arsboni.

TrustChain aims to support SME clients to enter the international market

In addition, to avoid late payments because of incorrect agreements, our main motivation was to support our SME clients to enter the international market, by providing them with digital tools – Dr. András Vándor, head of product development added. He explained that for Hungarian companies, one of the main risks of entering the international market is that they don’t know the companies in the market.

TrustChain makes it possible to identify business partners, making contracts and arranging financial settlemens 100% online. All transactions are time-stamped and authenticated with e-signature.

Agreements can be signed by EvroTrust mobile application, and the signature created this way is accepted as authentic all over the EU. Online payment is facilitated by Barion Plc., enabling customers to opt for debit card payment, e-money settlement and secure payment (check and block).

Our aim for the future is to help Hungarian companies to enter the Austrian market and also, to offer import-export financing options to the agreements – Gergely Romhány added.

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