It’s time to think different about your Contracting and Financial workflow...

Secure digital supplier, customer onboarding and contracting

Enter into contracts anywhere, anytime

No more limits. Digitize your existing contracts, add smart features to them, just in a few minutes.

Late payments?

Add online payment features to your contracts easily on TrustChain Platform, or even automate all the incoming and outgoing payments based on the payment terms of your contracts.

Is someone waiting for your signature?

Remote identification and electronic signatures. Sign contracts, statements in two clicks on your phone. Secure, digital, legally binding.

Find your new business partners!

Work with companies, for whom reliability is just as important as for you.

No more changes without tracking

In the TrustChain contracts all the changes can be tracked, no space for undetected modifications.

We have integrated legal and financial services - because they belong together!

Smart payment gateway

Remote identification and electronic signatures

Realtime company data from 10 countries

Financial solutions

4 easy steps


Register your company on TrustChain web


Download the EvroTrust application & verify yourself with your passport / ID


Start contracting and document signing! Try the Sign & Send feature


Invite your suppliers / clients, or find a new one on the Platform

Where we are already available

Czech Republic
Austria (soon)
Slovakia (soon)
Poland (soon)
Germany (soon)
Bulgaria (soon)
Make contracts - without borders. TrustChain’s aim is to help the expension of companies to new markets. It works already between Hungarian and Czech companies, and this is just the beginning.


We’ve found a great partner in TrustChain. It’s hard to find a company these days that wants to make a real change like them. They incorporated legal innovation in their product and provide the highest quality in their services

Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov Member of Board of Directors, EvroTrust Technologies JSC

TrustChain plans to revolutionize company identification. Not data validation itself, but the way people think about it which makes people realize how important safety is. They are a great partner to work with and have a very high possibility of being one of the biggest success stories in the CEE region.

Arek Hajduk CEO, Transparent Data Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

We were responsible for the legal integration on the Czech market. The TrustChain platform is a great regtech product in which we found a huge potential and were excited to work on. It was very reassuring to see someone whose main goal - or at least one of them - is to build a digital cooperation between the visegradian countries

JUDr. Zdeněk Tomíček Partner / Group Director of Expansion, CEE Attorneys s.r.o.

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